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Function Venue

9 Helpful Ways on How to Create a Function Venue

Having a function venue to host your event is an excellent idea. It allows you to create a space that is tailored for the type of event you are hosting. But it can be a lot of work! We want to help with that by providing you with some tips on making sure your function venue will be successful.

Event Type

Make sure your function venue is an appropriate size for the type of event you are hosting. If it’s a small gathering, then watch out that the space doesn’t feel too big. And vice versa!


Have plenty of seating available and make sure there is enough room between tables to allow people to move around easily during their meal or throughout the day if they need more space.

Layout Plan

Create a layout plan for food stations so people know where everything will be located and have access to what they might want to eat when meeting someone new at the table next to them or inline somewhere else on site. This can help with traffic flow within your function venue as well–you don’t want lines back onto themselves.

Hire Fee / Rental

This is the flat fee you pay when hiring a venue. In some cases, this can be as low as $300 for small halls and banquet rooms, while it could reach thousands of dollars in other circumstances.

Think of this like a property tax that pays for all those little things around your event site – tables, chairs, linen service, plates/silverware and so on.

The rental fee is often calculated by the square foot or per person (depending on how many guests are attending).

It’s also important to note whether these costs include labour charges because they will vary from one function venue to another depending on which services come with their packages.

Packages Available

Most function venues will offer some form of package, including a certain number of hours, food and beverage minimums, labour charges (if applicable), venue rental fee, and other services such as tables/chairs.

The main idea behind this is to provide you with an all-inclusive experience that takes the guesswork out of planning your event.

Packages are created for different size groups, so make sure you read through each one carefully before making any decision just in case they don’t have what you need, or there’s something missing from it. If not, then negotiate various aspects until you find one that suits your needs best!

Food Service

Nowadays, most venues provide buffet-style service – where guests can grab their meal off the available menu, or you can list some courses you want to include. You can also opt for a plated service where the food is served to your guests by professional waitstaff.

Some venues will provide catering services in-house, and you’re able to choose from their menu, or they’ll work with outside vendors that specialize in specific cuisines. Other times, they have arrangements with various caterers who serve at the venue regularly, so it’s possible you won’t even need to think about this detail!

After Party Options

Many people don’t know much about what goes into hosting an event until after they’ve done it, but often some components go unnoticed while planning, such as the after-party options available depending on the size of your group, location and time constraints.

Number of Guests

After party options for large groups include booking a private room at the venue or renting out an entire bar. For smaller groups, it’s typically fine to go somewhere that doesn’t serve alcohol and take over a table with your friends.

Catering types vary by location, but base on what kind of food you’re looking to provide, it can be anything from appetizers and finger foods to buffets or plated meals.

Type of Event

Most event venues are set up as blank canvas spaces, which means there is plenty of space for all sorts of themes, depending on what type you’re going for. Most cocktail style events happen in the evening, so they’ll have lighting effects throughout the night during day time weddings.

Now with all these in your knowledge, you can start having your very own function venues.

cars in penrith

How to Buy a Car with a Cash this 2021 in Penrith

Buying a car with cash is an excellent investment to set for yourself, both from a financial perspective and willpower. These days, the idea is becoming so rare because of other necessities to set on. But, most people consider this a wise decision because of the multiple advantages it can give.

Making such a purchase can be daunting and overwhelming, but you can take it easy with the step-by-step process to get the best deal possible that is suited to your allotted cash. Find it out.

Step One: Save Your Money as Early as Possible

This may seem unusual, but one of the most important you need to take the list to purchase a car with cash is to allot money as early as possible. You can do it by saving an amount weekly or monthly. If you have an old car and want a new one, you can go for a removal company that does cash for car service in Penrith.

You can keep being consistent with your goal of preserving and being disciplined not to touch it for other priorities. Always track your money and make your budget more flexible. In this way, you’ll see progress toward your goal.

Step Two: Find the Car You Want and Evaluate It

Finding the car you want to purchase and knowing its structures will help you determine the saving goals. Consider the questions like what you want to buy, is it a brand new car or a used one? What features you want to see in the car? What is the modern advantage of the vehicle? In that way, you’ll be challenged to be more flexible in saving while being positive for your goals.

Step Three: Learn to Negotiate Properly

Once you already saved the right amount for your purchase and already determined the vehicle you want, it’s time to make an actual searching. Once you searched for it, learn how to negotiate but still getting the best bang for you. You can follow these approaches:

  • Buying at the Dealership: Don’t be tempted to tell the salesman you’re paying in cash. As much as possible, disclose less information for you to gain more power in negotiating. If the sales representative tries to control the conversation away, take control of it and push back.
  • Buying from a private seller: Private seller purchases a car in cash, so it will be easy for you to negotiate. Consider a private seller that is knowledgeable enough about the vehicle you want to purchase. At the same time, be familiar all the more about the car’s features in able for you to get a lower price as possible.

Step Four: Pay Using Cashier’s Check

Dealership and sellers don’t usually take cash upon purchasing. So make sure that you bring your money before going to the cashier to pay. Paying in cash is the safest transaction you can ever have. There may be small amounts of fee, but consider it normal.

So if you want to buy a car with cash, these couple of steps will help you accomplish your goals. There may be a disadvantage along the way, but make sure to be informed before making decisions.

event categories

7 Categories of Events and Examples

Are you planning to hold an event? There are multiple things you need to consider- your budget, venue, and accessibility are examples. But before moving forward, go back to the very basic. The first thing you need to know and decide is what kind of event you’ll handle? I sit corporate or festival? Consider the lowdown of the most usual categories.


Whether it’s a team-building night or an anniversary, there are plenty of reasons to be away with a group of people. Social events are held to speak to people’s interests and revolve around having fun and eating. Reunions and themed parties are examples of social events. These events will allow you to meet new people and develop your confidence in socialization.


Webinars and Online Classes are examples of virtual events. These events take place online, and the attendees could join in a very comfortable way in their homes. One of the advantages of these events is that you can attract a larger audience than usual, and it also comes with budgetary benefits such as not having to pay for rent. This is a growing event and business booster without hassle and stress.


Corporate vents are organized by business people typically intended for employees, stockholders, clients or even the public. Some corporate events are held annually or quarterly, depending on the need of the company. Some examples of corporate events are seminars, trade shows and conferences.


In the simplest term, festivals are organized series of performances or events with a theme- such as music, comedy or food. Celebrations usually last for a day, while some may span for a month. But this kind of event may need extra preparation. Food festivals and music festivals are known events on the top list of people.


Community events aim to bring people together, build a strong camaraderie, create a positive change in the community and develop relationships between people in your neighbourhood. Street parties are one of the most popular community events that people want to attend. One of the most enjoyed examples of this event is the litter picking activities, for this is suitable also for children in the community.


The main goal of these events is to generate funding for an organization or charity. Foundations often use them, non-profit organizations and even school sports club. Auctions, sales and sponsored sporting events are familiar examples of fundraising events. This event will significantly help a lot, especially those who need funds.


Pop-up events are a one-off event that lasts for just a short period. Foodie creators are usually making pop-up events when trying to expand their reach with a temporary restaurant. Boutique shops are also part of pop-up events to advertise their products and theme. Exercise classes are into this group by renting a temporary studio and hold classes for a short period. Some people found this type of event as beneficial, for it requires less effort and resources.



8 Romantic and Low Key Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Looking for ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day? This list of ideas will help you to share the love with your loved one at a time like this.

Valentine’s Day has been traditional with cards, chocolates, and flowers. Also, it is celebrated with a special someone in a person’s life. Some people plan for a grand surprise, but simple little things or gestures can also mark love.

Here are eight Low Key Valentine’s Day Date ideas:

Cook a special meal together. The most common idea for a date is to cook for your special someone. But cooking together is another thing; it creates a special bond between the two of you. It also stimulates more spark and helps you save money from restaurants’ expensive meals.

Write a love letter to each other.

You might struggle to say or express what you truly feel, so writing a letter will help you say what is on your mind and, of course, your heart. It might be old school, but it never goes out of style. Get a pen and write down what you want to say.

Go to a bookstore.

Love to read? The perfect spot for an ideal date is a bookstore. It might be a peculiar way to spend Valentine’s Day, but a book can inspire you to love even more. Share your favourite book and pick out a book that you think both of you would enjoy reading.

Get some fresh air.

Get outside. Enjoy the outdoors and sunshine to capture a nature mood boost. Take on a stroll or hike together, rent a bicycle, wander among the flowers, or sit on a bench and enjoy watching the sunset.

Watch movies together.

Watching a movie together is an expected date idea. However, you can make movie-watching even more special by putting up a tent outside and stuffing it with comfy blankets and pillows. Get a takeout of your favourite food or grab a popcorn to enjoy the show.

Go to a museum.

Whether it’s an art, science, or history museum, it will always be special. A museum is a place with a lot of stories to tell. It is a place where you can get inspired, get knowledge, or make you realize the beauty of something. It is a place where you can enjoy each other’s presence while enjoying what you see as well.

Take a class together.

If you love learning about something, taking a class together would be a great idea. Take cooking, painting, dance, or any styles you want to learn together.

Get coffee together.

Nothing beats a great conversation over coffee while sitting at a café. Great conversations make a meaningful relationship. You can also get to know each other by sharing stories, knowledge, ideas, or opinions about a particular matter.

Valentine’s Day has become a special day for people. Love is not just celebrated through high-end gifts or expensive dinner, and love can also be observed through simple things that would mean as much as a grand surprise or even more.

How to Ensure a Perfect Venue for Events?

When it comes to having an event, whether it’s a grand or small one, you are to face many big decisions. However, choosing a perfect place to hold an event is one of the most crucial yet essential parts of that decision. Critical planning is needed in any case to get things to materialize following the ideal vision.

So, what should you be looking in choosing for a perfect event venue? Fortunately, there are various steps you can follow as you pursue to selecting the best one and yes with the use of technology you can shortcut the time to spend in searching. But in this article, you’ll see the contributing factors you need to consider to ensure the best place for the best event.


A convenient and safe location calls for different kinds of events. In connection with this, the site must be considered most important. It should have a useful transport link with plenty of parking spaces for guests. Remember that a venue that is easily accessible is significant for it can help avoid hassles for the delegates from arriving late or getting lost.


As an organizer of an event, you need to be cost-conscious. You must take time in knowing the cost of the venue to allow more room in your budget. Determine if the season or even is in low or peak season, by that way you can easily adjust or narrow down the store. As much as you want your event to be perfect, you will be needing to consider other things and not just the location.


Pay complete attention to the overall ambience of the venue. You can start by observing what kind of building’s interior conveys? What is the architectural style? What is the temperature within the area? You must consider these things to know how to set the perfect design and techniques that match the ambience of the location.


Look around the venue and start eyeing the necessary amenities and services in the area. Does the platform have a kitchen? Can the venue accommodate caterings?  Does the forum have comfort rooms? These amenities are essential to any events, and if you want a perfect set up for your event, secure these things.


While jotting down the things to be considered, do not forget to take a look at the illustrated floor plan of the venue. Make sure to walk through it at least twice and take note of the essential things such us where to find the electric outlets, where to put tables, where AV equipment is located.  The floor layout of the venue can give your ideas on how you can maximize the space and set up the necessities correctly.


Before having a venue, make sure that you are grateful and happy with all the facilities, customer feedbacks and staff. Consult your friends and colleagues about your venue choices. You know that you’re in good hands if the services are outstanding and feedbacks are all positive.