How Safe Is It to Travel in Melbourne?

Melbourne, the state of Victoria’s capital and Australia’s second largest city abounds with a plethora of art galleries and museums that make it live up to its nickname “The Cultural Capital of Australia.” The people of Melbourne are very helpful and friendly and they know how to have a great time. With Australia generally considered as a very safe country itself, you can have the peace of mind knowing that your visit in Melbourne will be safe so you can feel right at home.

So, where are the best places to go during your stay in Melbourne?

  1. Flinders Street Station

The oldest railway station of the country and also the busiest, Flinders Street Station is found right at the very heart of the city. This is also the nexus of the suburban train network of Melbourne and is dubbed as among the most iconic sightseeing places in the area. At the entrance doorway you will see the row of clocks that is also regarded as among the city’s most significant landmarks.

  1. Docklands

Your visit to Melbourne will never be complete if you miss Docklands with its scenic high rises that are green-star rated and the bustling dining and shopping walkways. This waterfront is filled with life and fun with its nightclubs and pubs, amusement parks, fine dining restaurants, parklands, cafes, and kiosks. Grab this chance to ride the giant Ferris wheel The Melbourne Star while you are there or check out the icehouse, a stunning ice sports center.

  1. Shrine of Remembrance

This peaceful memorial is found in Kings Domain Garden and is a must-visit place for all Melbourne tourists and guests. Just as what its name suggests, Shrine of Remembrance was constructed in fond memories of the Victorians who lost their lives during World War I. At night, lights illuminate the shrine and ceremonies are held during ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day.

  1. Yarra Valley Wineries

If you want something different during your Melbourne visit, why not join the most fantastic guided food trails and wine tours in Yarra Valley? This is where you can explore the most panoramic boutique wineries, indulge in some of the country’s best tasting wines, and satisfy your palate with the different options for fine dining. Yarra Valley Wineries’ gourmet restaurant is the perfect spot to spoil yourself on wine, cheese, world class Champagne, sumptuous lunch, and chocolates.

  1. Green Ocean Road’s 12 Apostles

12 Apostles are the gigantic limestone cliffs that were formed as a result of the mainland’s constant wind erosion. The breathtaking rock structures are nestled on the Southern Ocean right next to Port Campbell National Park. The 12 Apostles look the most photogenic during sunset and sunrise.

  1. Sovereign Hill

Sovereign Hill is a unique museum of open air style that showcases the lifestyle of the age old days. Situated in what was once a site of a gold mine, the living museum spans on more than 25 acres of land featuring shops, a theatre, hotels, factories, schools, and underground and gold digging mines.

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