You want to make your party a success. No one wants a dull party. Of course, you imagine that it will come as a bang and will make you and your friends have a victory toast.

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But as you imagine the success, you can also feel a headache because getting a party done right is much more than just imagining things. Every star should align together. Some little details could get lost in the process. And information that is not accounted could derail all the good things stored for your party. But three things are like big stars in an event. These three should never be neglected and could make a big difference in your celebration.

The first thing you need to pay attention to is about the Food.

food in the party

No matter how great your program is and no matter how accommodating your emcee and ushers are, the food could break the success of an event.


Because food is something that sticks in our minds in connection to an event. For example, you ask Uncle John, when he came back from the 21st Birthday Party of your old buddy Carter. You know what’s a typical response? It goes something like this: “Oh, the food is great!” or “I did not eat much”.

The thing is food is something we could easily connect to a memory. I attended lots of wedding already and the weddings that I can remember is when the food is superb. Here are some food ideas for your party.

The next thing that you need to take care of is invitations.

you are invited

You might be thinking why is it that invitations are on top of our priority for a successful party. Simple, because the list of people who are at your party event is the one that could make your party a success. After the event, you don’t want to be thinking, “Oh no, the party would have been better if someone is here.” Before the event, you need to invite everyone that needs to be at the event.

Make a list of the people that you need to invite. Then, make sure to send them the invitation a month or two before the date. Also, send a digital invitation on email or even in their Facebook. Make sure that they have a way to confirm if they will come or not. Knowing who and how many people will come to the party will help you ensure that you got the right program to make your celebration a success.

Now, the most important aspect is the Function venue.

luxury function party venue

The last and I believe one of the most crucial aspects of an event or party planning is the venue. The venue affects the food (available, preparation, and presentation), as well as the invitations (details of the attire, number of guests, etc.). But the challenge of getting the right venue boils down to the availability of the venue itself. Keep in mind that your event is not the only event in the city, so one of your priorities in your event planning is to book the right venue for your party.

A great venue is something that is tailored for the theme of your event, could accommodate the number of your guests, and at the same time, within the limit of your budget. This is a bullseye in event planning. In order to get this for your event, you should have a good list of venues for hire in your vicinity and then, you need to visit them in order for you to see if there is someplace suited for your event.

That is very much taxing if there are hundreds of possible venues in your area. At least you need to trim your options to minimize your time. They will give you a final list of venues for hire for your needs. In this way, you don’t need to visit each and every venue for hire in your area. In this specific example, for Melbourne. The good thing is that they already categorized the listings. For example, they have listings for Christmas Party for Businesses, Wedding events, and even engagement parties.

party is a success

So there you are. Party is a success!

Whatever is the nature of your event. It doesn’t need to be a headache. Focus on what really matters and enjoy things as they progress. In the first, this is a celebration after all.