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Tandem Trainer, Standard Category This Aircraft is Currently: Not For Sale. N31499 - 1940 AERONCA 65-TC - FAA Registration info, Pictures, Avionics, Economics, History Only two returned home. Aeronca 65-tc Fixed wing single engine. The TL was built with a Lycoming O-145 engine but this one now has an A-65 … The Aeronca TC-65 Defender was an American high-wing light plane of the 1940s. Aeronautical Corporation of America formally changed its name to Aeronca Aircraft Corporation in 1941, and the onset of World War II ushered in a new era for Aeronca aircraft. Missouri Country. List of aircraft N numbers flying the aircraft model 65-tc by Aeronca. Information stated as we know it. Aeronca 65 Defender MSN. C10870: Aircraft Transponder Code The Aeronca Aviators Club welcomes all owners, pilots and enthusiasts of … Aeronca. 279 were built, many of which were impressed by the USAAF as O-58/L-3s in 1942. 655 built. Box 14234 Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53214". N33768 Aeronca 65-TC Tandem Pacific Aviation Museum Ford Island NALF (NPS / PHNP), USA - Hawaii Juha Ritaranta - 07/12/2015. Serial Number: 9391T: Year: 1941: Registrant: Individual Code Year Manufacturer Model Serial Engines Seats Location; C-GYKB: 1940 Aeronca 65-TC Tandem: L6320T: 1: 2: Saskatchewan, Canada: CC-AVO: 1940 Aeronca 65-TC Tandem FAA Registry Info. Supplemental Type Certificates. It was completely restored in 2001 and is based a Calaveras County Airport - Maury Rasmussen Field in San Andreas, California. Needs complete restoration, has two sets of wings with a new spar, several new ribs, two 65 cont. Aeronca Parts Lists Aeronca Tandem Trainer (Model T) / YO-58 series (continued) Model 50-TC / 65-TC Group Drawing List of the Models 50-TC and 65-TC for the Civil Aeronautics Authority (ACA 3873; Jul 1940 rev. I don't believe there were any military versions of the 65-TL, so this is simply a military style paint job. The L-3B, of which some 875 were built, was a contemporary of the more Significantly, when flown solo the -58B/LO-3B is flown from the front seat whereas the 65-TC must be flown solo from the rear seat. Note: On the right, the Aeronca Super Chief flown by the president of Aerodina Club. Exact Only? Dec 1, 2014 - Private 65-TAC photo taken by Greg Sims - This is the one of the original Gambo Flying Service Aeronca Model 65TC that were in the air during the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941. Find tail numbers, view photos, and get detailed individual aircraft information 1940: Serial Number The unique number assigned by the manufacturer/builder. C1121TA Reg. Aeronca Champ, Chief, Sedan, L-3 (O-58), L-16, Defender, C-2, C-3, Models 50, 65, series K et al. April 26, 2015. 1943 Aeronca 65-TC Chief Registration: N50334 S/N: O58B12783 History. We promote these capable and historic aircraft through their preservation and maintenance, and celebrate their History. (slide) Aeronca 65-TL - N31373, 7070T, "73" at Harlingen, TX 10/80. Aeronca 65-TC, N31751, L6300T, at EAA Oshkosh 1974. Aeronca 65C Chief (1938) — Powered by a 65 hp (48 kW) Continental A-65. Sep 2, 1943) 25 $7.50 2012-0047-0000-0004-26 Tail Number Alt. Aeronca L-3 Grasshopper None profiled. Greg Wyatt of Woodland, California sent this photo of his wife Barbara's 1940 Aeronca TC-65 Defender. Rubberstamped on back: "Collect-Air Photos P. O. N27336 (1940 AERONCA 65-TC owned by KRUEGER ROBERT C) aircraft registration information with aircraft photos, flight tracking, and maps. 11 Aeronca 65-TAF 12 Aeronca 65-TAL 13 Aeronca 65-TC 14 Aeronca 65-TF 15 Aeronca 65-TL 16 Aeronca 7AC 17 Aeronca 7BCM 18 Aeronca 7CCM (L-16B) 19 Aeronca 7DC 20 Aeronca C 21 Aeronca C-2 22 Aeronca C-3 23 Aeronca CF 24 Aeronca K 25 Aeronca KC 26 Aeronca KCA 27 Aeronca KF 28 Aeronca KM 29 Aeronca KS 30 Aeronca L-16A Aeronca 65-TC: Year Manufactured Year the aircraft was manufactured based on information shown on the Application for Airworthiness Certificate and not necessarily the model year. The type was also known as the L-3. USA Date Photographed. HISTORY OF FLIGHT: On February 3, 1997, at 1630 mountain standard time, an Aeronca 65-TC, N31794, registered to and operated by a private owner under Title 14 CFR Part 91, impacted terrain following a loss of control during the takeoff initial climb near Moriarty, New Mexico. It was originally fitted with a 60HP Franklin engine and had a 60-TF designation. It is so nice to see such a relatively rare and beautifully restored pre-war Aeronca. Original 2 3/4 x 4 5/8" photograph. advanced search Search. Browse’s catalog of AERONCA. Print Email. On the left, the Aermacchi MB.308 flown by the president of the Historic Aircraft Group. Aeronca 65 Defender Basic Type. C-2-Series C-3: K KCA KS: LC: 50-C 50-LA 50-TC 50-TL 50-L: 65-C 65-LA 65-TAC/L-3E 65-TAF/L-3D 65-TC/L-3J 65-TF 65-TL: 65-CA/L-3F 65-LB/L-3G: O-58A/L-3A O-58B/L-3B O-58B/L-3C SO-58B YO-58/L-3 N36681 Location. Jul 31, 2019 - Aircraft Photo of N31493, 1940 Aeronca 65-TC Tandem C/N 5710T, KAWO, by Terry Green 1940 AERONCA 65-TC For Sale in Rockford, Illinois at engines, one is complete and not disassembled, the other one is ready for reassembly, new O/H cyl with new pistons and rings, all balanced inc. crank, both tapered shaft, one metal prop, some O/H instruments, but all are there, was on active duty during WWII. Four Gambo aircraft were in the air that day. N23565 (1939 AERONCA 65-TC owned by BOURLAND WILLIAM F) aircraft registration information with aircraft photos, flight tracking, and maps. Columbia - Columbia Regional Region. Size stated is approximate. Production of the TC-65 Defender was increased for use by the U.S. government's new Civilian Pilot Training (CPT) program, … The Aeronca Model 50 Chief was an American light plane of the late 1930s. Aeronca 65-TC Tandem. Baracca Day 2012. Personal Web site focused on miniature radio controlled aircraft. The APM 65-TC was built in 1943 as a U.S Army O-50B. In 1941, the United States Army Air Corps ordered four examples of the Aeronca 65 TC Defender, designated YO-58, for evaluation of the suitability of light aircraft for observation and liaison purposes. In 1950 it received an engine upgrade to a 65HP Continental A-65-8 engine and was re-certified with the 65-TC designation. High/Low/Average 0 - 0 of 0 Listings 65 TC Defender: Photo: Robert Deering 8/13/2010 Pacific Aviation Museum Pearl Habor Honolulu, Hawaii: The Aeronca 65 TC Defender was an American high-wing light plane of the 1940s. May 28, 2016 Cancel Search. Aeronca 65 TC Chief NC33768 in flight during December 7, 1941 . HOME > PISTON SINGLE AIRCRAFT > AERONCA > 65-TC < See AERONCA. Full Details. This aircraft came off the Middleton, OH production line in June of 1940. The Aeronca 50 Chief / 65 Super Chief is a single-engine two-seat light utility aircraft produced by the US-American manufacturer Aeronca Aircraft Corporation.The trainer variant was designated TC-65 … Aeronca 65CA Super Chief — The 65C with an optional 8 US gal (30 l) auxiliary fuel tank, and other deluxe appointments. For Sale 1940 65-C. Aeronca 65-TC tandem trainer, with revised glazing, controls and seating. AERONCA 65-TC Piston Single Aircraft For Sale 0 - 0 of 0 Listings. Aeronautical Corporation of America formally changed its name to Aeronca Aircraft Corporation in 1941, and the onset of World War II ushered in a new era for Aeronca aircraft. Do not know place or date taken. NTSB Factual Report. Design and development.

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