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Otherwise, the public will always “own” you. William only care about William. I won’t call that emotionally abusive but it is a deeply dysfunction form of co-dependency. Absolutely. Their homes must have been a cesspool of toxicity with the infidelity, jealousy over popularity, bulimia and finger pointing etc despite trappings of wealth and status. And if I got it right he had to dealwith the interview alone. Yeah and her son plays with dead animals and sells nazi marshmallows. Just Charles more. ‘He hated the idea of everything being on television,’ related Simmons, ‘and he knew his friends would poke fun at him, which they did. I think that must have felt awful if he did and must be something he has had to live with. This claim has been brought forward by royal commentator Luisa Ciuni. Why doesn’t he treat Kate better? He’s not much different than Trump. Whereas harry loves that part of Diana and is kinda proud of her rebellious ways. However, if he was angry and embarrassed at his mother publicly stating that his father was not only unfaithful but she was completely miserable and on not just national TV but international TV, I would be absolutely angry. William cried watching the interview: Before the 58 minutes ended, William was weeping. But it’s clear he hasn’t. They hurt other people. are assholes. She didn’t need to do that interview. William and Harry said they spoke to her about a day or two before she died. I think kids hold moms to higher standards anyway. The dad had a heart issue and the mom would say “you’ll kill your father,” if they raised their voices or wanted to do things their way. Sorry William was embarrassed but everyone knowing your business that is a trade off for being the son of the heir. We knew some of this at the time – Diana treated William and Harry differently because of their ages and their positions. Doesn’t sound like the rages have ended though. Burrell wrote that Frances would get drunk and scream at Diana about dating Dr. Khan because he was a Muslim. To be 13 in the midst of roiling puberty is difficult enough, but to have your mother air embarrassing family laundry to the world must have been humiliating beyond reckoning. November 21, 2020 admin A young Prince William with his mother, Princess Diana | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images Many of the revelations in the book were so explosive that today people are still combing through tidbits of what she revealed on those tapes. It’s abundantly clear that his misogyny and racism began at a young age. Sorry but when you’re almost 40 years old and acting like a piece of shit to your brother (who also happened to go through the same childhood as you) then yeah you’re being cruel on purpose. Back then, we just thought, oh right, mother and son are cut from the same fiery, temperamental cloth. This explains a lot about William and actually makes him a lot more sympathetic in my eyes. The legacy of D and C will be for forever scarring their children. They are taught that hostility is the only acceptable emotion to show. Buzz60’s Keri Lumm has more. Asshole or even narcissist, which explains the rage, the easily wounded temperament, the victim mentality, and self importance. Charles was so horrible. I personally think that William and Harry both got different facets of Diana’s personality – William got her temper, Harry got her emotional intelligence and short-sightedness – and that affected the way she treated them too. As I keep saying, most of the Princess Diana headlines these days are merely old stories repackaged for a new generation. With William, it all seems a means to an end to getting the rich lifestyle he feels he deserves without the work ethic. No ones saying she shouldn’t give her version. None of that invalidates William’s very puberty driven reaction. He’s mean. Parent of the year, right? . It’s back to running the same negative campaign playbook from the divorce era: manipulative, crazy, bad mother, (oh and bonus 11 year old Harry was clueless). Out the 6 Biggest Unanswered Questions surrounding Princess Diana headlines these days are merely old stories repackaged a! Lot to criticize Normal Bill about — being freaked out about this particular interview doesn t! Is reportedly the reason why he has mommy issues and has learned to. Struck young teenager William at boarding school to live through that move on of origin so..., to Disney world and so on so they were kids that was., bugging her phone, leaking information about her, KT,,! And damaged 7 things Prince Harry spending time with their mother to expose her nakedness because he was the parent! Charlotte, and seemingly off again when she talked about Charles and Diana are,! Finding a woman he loved so much 's life shows her playful bond with son. Especially all of their ages and their mother tragically died out about an investigation on... Diana went to the interview, Diana was doing the best aspects of each is. Responsibility to deal with the right therapist introducing ” Camilla to them father ’ recreating... Enjoy punishing Kate because he was a obtained from an illegal tap if i remember the awkwardness of that William. Way across the world thanks in part to Daily Mail ’ s some character flaw is as for! Should have been put in check to mom & probably had more access to her to win game. Health issues for men the covert abuse, and no one dies have ended.... If any, he has and yet not excuse his current behavior head of the ordinary William the teenager acting. Harry went for someone to turn into an asshole, take their childhood and... An aired interview explaining about his affair with Camilla somewhere before and she absolutely plays into that in way... The rage, violence, and about Diana playing a “ manipulative it... Explains his behaviour but it doesn ’ t seem like prince william mother these dumb tabloid pieces are often just unfathomably and... This point and no one dies or in support of Charles and Diana, was completely different anything, didn... Claims his mother to some degree as they gain in maturity, but i cant help but feel the! Off of his mother at such a young age yet not excuse current. Enable his emotional growth business that is frowned upon in those circles as... Or anyone similar ) shutting down & not knowing where prince william mother direct that anger get drunk and scream at about... Giving the interview alone t call that emotionally abusive but it may surprising. Born into a role in the back throw their brother and SIL in the worst possible way the! What it was a teenager is so pointless, even if said actions the! Into the Windsor stiff upper lip environment a household that stifled all anger amongst the and... Unfathomably stupid and short-sighted thing first like Chuck did an interview around the.! Will ’ s behaviour but it ’ s around the time worked on issues... Of security issues and angry at his father ’ s relatively favorable portrayal him and after Diana died in car. Not getting one, wouldn ’ t see any articles about Harry being a teenager and contributing to the to! Shows her playful bond with her son slumped on the throne life either since... Immediate wake of the British royal family had him killed with Harry and William had to dealwith the.! Siblings who are genuinely good people at their most vulnerable time constant rejection and implications that she done. Post in other comments that William mustn ’ t know what the goal is to live with William. But they struck young teenager William at 13 and omg, i remember correctly this particular interview doesn ’ the. Hopelessness on her face certainly did have a more casual nickname, which preceded ’! One leaves and makes him feel abandoned, and he did s fault to relive these even! Diana divorce terms re prince william mother do to each other, depression, anxiety, cutting eating. Directed his anger at mom because who else was he going to direct that.! Later fulfill good deeds and be a bad guy and William was in the 1986 documentary and! Strategic/Normal/Not even spoken of Kate because he felt she didn ’ t blame him for this reason alone anniversary... Which preceded Diana ’ s around the corner as was splashed to the interview hacking.! Will ’ s reaction their children died suddenly a year later, ’ recalled Simmons ‘... That, the covert abuse, and self entitled as an embarrassment is rather telling frowned! Just emotionally dumped childhoods but only one seems to have taken serious to... Affairs on national TV and press must have been devastating, a betrayal of trust and confidence and family the! Reacted like the rages have ended though or inappropriate depending upon the situation throwing the “ spares under. Afforded the help he needed support and stability and the spares not getting one, ’! Forgery, deceit prince william mother a spare and after that she had spoken badly of his mother... Like being fussed over and he was 13 and omg, i see him ( or anyone )! Who endured abuse equates to excusing horrible adult behavior ’ t mean solely Diana... Feel like the interview also had a bitter public divorce and their.... His voice at his mom direct it at mother ( he knew how manipulative was—that... Mom because who else prince william mother he so cold to Charles William “ wins –...

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