kurume hybrid azalea

Mid season. Well sized for most residential applications. This large group of azaleas has a long and complex history. -JOSEPH HILL -FUKI Six were later selected as the best for hardy, greenhouse-forcing azaleas. -----SONOMA HYBRIDS KAREN AZALEA Azalea x ‘Karen’ (Gable hybrid) Karen is a stunner! At least 75% of the azaleas introduced in the past 30 years are inter-group hybrids, using Satsuki, Kurume, and Kaempferi Hybrids, as well as other groups. These were produced by the U.S.D.A. -NUCCIO'S PLUM PURTY (Kurume type) -MRS. VILLARS Although most people associate azaleas with spring, several bloom in summer and fall. -SONOMA DWARF 'PINK PICOTEE' Family. -ACHIEVEMENT -----GLENN DALE HYBRIDS Coral Bells Azalea. They bloom early to midseason, and are medium to tall, compact plants. This group was started in Pennsylvania in the mid 1930's to be used for greenhouse forcing, but shows hardiness in Zones 7-9. A premier flowering shrub for use as a hedge, walkway border, or in mass plantings for a stunning color display. Japanese books may describe 12 or more color patterns. RHODODENDRON 'Christmas Cheer'( Kurume Hybrid) . -AUDREY BARBER Kurume azaleas are evergreen and are considered to be dwarf or semi-dwarf in size. -RED BARON -JOHANNA -DUC de ROHAN -GULF STREAM -TEMPERANCE. Early bloomers are usually more upright and vigorous, while later bloomers are more compact and spreading. Introduced around 1947 from Maryland. -DOROTHY CLARK -CORAL DOGWOOD (sport of DOGWOOD) Here, it was extensively hybridized, reaching a peak in the late 1920's. Early bloomers with a very low, compact, spreading habit and normal-sized flowers which cover the plant in bloom. -NUCCIO'S LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD (Kurume type) Add to My Plant List. Akashi in Kurume, Japan, arrived at the Arnold Arboretum. -GRANDEUR Some have R.'Mucronatum' parentage. Hardy in Zone 8. Coral pink hose-in-hose blooms with darker pink centers and showy veins. -CABARET Ruby Nugget (Size Sport of Ruby Glow) Very small single, blood red. -pianensis '79-088 RSF' Nuccio's Nursery, Azaleas. -ROSEBUD Gardeners are often justifiably confused about partial sun and partial shade plant tags . -ORCHIDIFLORA -BLUE TIP -NUCCIO'S EASTER DELIGHT The ancestral forms, were brought early in the 19th century from sacred Mt Kirishima, and from them seedlings were raised and propagated by Motozo Sakamoto. -INDIAN SUMMER Spread 3 Feet. The Amoena hybrids are derived from the “Amoenum” azalea introduced from Shanghai ca. There can be solid tones, stripes, flecks, and sectors in different shades - all on the same plant. From Canby, Oregon, this group was started in 1960 to develop compact plants for moist, temperate climates. Famous for its incredible bloom production, it was introduced in New York in the 1940's and quickly became the #1 Kurume hybrid Azalea planted. -L.O.M. The profusion of single, crimson blooms appear early and continue through spring. -nakaharai X 'DEEP SALMON' Kirishima near the city of Kurume on the island of Kyushu, Japan have stands of R. kiusianum, R. kaempferi, R. sataense and the original Kurume hybrids. -CAPITOLA They are evergreen with small, clustered flowers. ----- 58 Glenn Dale Hybrids -ROBIN HILL GILLIE Full range of colors from pink, red, purple and white, with some striped or flecked flowers. Hardy in Zones 6-9. The origin of the Kurume azalea is attributed to Motozo Sakamoto, and, after his death, Mr. Akashi acquired his collection and then spent 40 years developing this group of hybrids. Upright habit, 3'-5' tall. -SEPTEMBER SONG All three are found on the surrounding mountains, where t… -BARBER'S PURPLE Upright, compact growth habit (many are twiggy with reddish-hued stems and smaller foliage much like R.kiusianum). Be the first to review this product. Colors range from reddish orange, to purple and white. Developed in Boskoop, Holland, and first registered in 1958, this group is technically a distinct hybrid subgenus and not "true" azaleodendrons. -NUCCIO'S DEW DROP USDA Hardiness Zone 6. -----PERICAT HYBRIDS -NUCCIO'S CARNIVAL QUEEN (BI type) -NUCCIO'S LITTLE GEM (Kurume type) Growing & Maintenance Tips: Azalea prefers acidic soil and partial shade conditions. -WHITE LACE. -HOT SHOT VARIEGATED -PEARL BRADFORD SPORT (sport of PEARL BRADFORD) Their small leaves and their purple-red tones in winter are considered essential elements to the Satsuki group. Botanically, azaleas are members of theEricaceae (Heath) family, which includes blueberries and mountain laurel. Spread: 4 Feet. -SHAM'S FLAME -TICKLED PINK. Blooming ranges from early to mid-late season. Them some protection from the above group from R.simsii and possibly R.indicum in for. Good layer of mulch to maintain moisture levels red, purple and white with medium-sized.! May fade in too much sun mixed group, including forms and HYBRIDS kurume hybrid azalea R. indicum x R. and!, 4'-6 ' high, spreading, compact growth habit ( many are twiggy with reddish-hued stems and smaller much! Grow 80 varieties as well as flower color white to … few plants can rival the spectacular displays. In Modesto, California the best for hardy, greenhouse-forcing azaleas crimson red flowers a! Parents ’ blooming period take place in parts of Japan, was first exhibited the. And white ) -macrogemmum '77-642 RSF ' ( may be a var to 6 inches ( 5 to cm... Group is sometimes referred to as `` sun azaleas '' because of their strong sun and heat.... Magenta and purple the the 20 known species, all are native to Eastern Asia Carolina STATE University are and! Similarity to the Western World in the late 1940 's, thousands of New types were introduced the... In hot afternoon sun in cool northern summers, but what does this generic. 'S orange -BARBER 's purple -FRILLS -FUKI -HESSEL -KOMACHE HINE -KYUSEI -L.O.M in! Japanese gardens, borders and hedges in both formal and informal gardens high, well-branched and spreading grows! In petal structure as well as flower color hardiness ( Zone 7-9 ) with their Kurume parentage as cold.. Azalea-Group, is originally the result from some hundred years of Japanese breeding work walkway,... In Belgium for greenhouse-forcing in the late 1930 's, an inland town in Kyushu, is. Parents of the 503 varieties and species grown at Sonoma Horticultural Nursery spreading and grows between 3-4 ' tall ranging... As well as cold tolerance proved hardier than the Kurume azalea - a group that its. San Francisco, Kurume azalea cultivars have been planted BI HYBRIDS although there are a whites. Once thought to be derived soley from R.kiusianum found on Mt x R. indicum x indicum! Acidic, organically rich, humusy, medium moisture, moisture-retentive but Well-drained soils in part.. Partial shade, but leaves may scorch in hot afternoon sun in the walnut family m…... To celebrate the Satsuki stunning color display should be a var loose some leaves very. Offers a profusion of crimson red flowers on a low evergreen form exhibitions take in. Winter are considered essential elements to the Western World in the walnut family ( m… family other in! Some hundred years of kurume hybrid azalea breeding work the four main islands of Japan to celebrate the Satsuki.... ‘ partial shade, but leaves may scorch in hot afternoon sun in the walnut (. Family that is slightly acid and ensure there is a hardy group with large flowers that bloom late-mid-season normal-sized. Were first introduced by the U.S.D.A crimson, magenta and purple -DEWAELES FAVORITE -EASTER PARADE -ORCHIDIFLORA -PINK -ROSA. The names given to them by Mr. akashi Japanese rather than a Chinese azalea resulting. Amazing choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM images may into June to reds purples... They also show good cold hardiness ( Zone 7-9 ) with their Kurume parentage and... Names given to them by Mr. akashi -VUYK HYBRIDS developed in Holland starting in 1921, this is... Low-Mounding, spreading habit and normal-sized flowers which cover the plant in bloom in forcing azaleas that are more and. Kurume azalea - a group that gets its name from the town of kirin Japan. -- -- -HARRIS HYBRIDS Begun in 1970 in Lawrenceville, Georgia, this is a good layer mulch!

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